The grade 7’s were asked what the meaning of shine was:

What is the meaning of SHINE?

  • In the darkness one light will shine bringing light to everyone else letting them shine – Amy Nel
  • As the gleaming sun rises the dark day brightens, sleepy souls awaken and soon shine bright for the new day in sight – Kiandra Singh
  • Teeth shine bright like stars when they are brushed – Jordan Ireland
  • What is it to shine? Is it just showing off, is it acting nice on the outside and having hatred on the inside? No, it is being honest, having humility, courage, respect and consideration, but most of all it’s to go out represent what is right – Jordan Subramanien
  • Shine brighter than the stars on the darkest of days, be you, be original! – Maseeha Essa
  • Nothing shines brighter than who you are inside – Lolwethu Qulu
  • Shine means more than just light but a sign of happiness in someone's life – Zoe Ngwane
  • Shining is doing the right thing when no one is looking – Sarah White