Pelham’s 3PC is made up of parent representatives from each class within the school.

They volunteer their services on a yearly basis and offer invaluable support to class teachers, as well as assistance during fund-raising drives where “many hands make light work!”  From assisting with play costumes to cooking bacon and eggs rolls, from covering books to selling hotdogs and fund-raising, the 3PC are a familiar team in and around the school and have over the years become known for their enthusiasm, their high spiritedness, the encouragement they provide to the learners and of course their “braaiing” skills!

Not only does involvement in the 3PC keep moms and dads out of mischief (!), but it is a wonderful way for parents' to get involved and give back to the school whilst meeting new people and having a great deal of fun and laughter. The learners are always proud to see Mom or Dad getting involved and from the school’s perspective, the 3PC provides invaluable back-up at crucial times of the year. Under the guidance of a 3PC Chairperson, the 3PC has grown from strength to strength- their involvement in the yearly Obstacle Course has seen this event continue to be a highlight on the term calendar and generate funds for all number of projects and improvements within the school.

Long live the 3PC!!