The Pelham Aftercare is run independently and seeks to provide working parents with peace of mind by ensuring the safety of Pelham learners after school hours.

This service is available to all learners who attend Pelham Senior Primary School and is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Pelham Park, just up the road from the school. The open-air setting amongst plants and trees enables learners to stretch their legs, play, and socialize away from the formal school setting after having completed their Homework tasks.

Learners enrolled in the Aftercare are fetched from school three times daily and escorted (by Aftercare staff members) to the Aftercare Centre, where they are cared for until collection by their parents. These learners are constantly monitored and assistance with Homework tasks is offered. Reading and the playing of games is encouraged in order to help pass the time until Mom or Dad finish work.

Four staff members, with combined experience of managing children of over 16 years, are responsible for the safety and security of the learners whilst at Aftercare. A sign in/sign out register system ensures that all are accounted for and arrive and depart at the correct time.


After the school day, learners are collected and taken to the Aftercare.  Collection times are 14:00, 15:00 and after sport, at 16:00.


Learners are offered juice and biscuits on a daily basis. The Aftercare popcorn is known far and wide and is on sale at a variety of prices!

Homework Supervision:

Our capable and concerned staff members are on hand to assist learners with homework. It is imperative that parents do however check the daily homework  in order to keep up to date with both the learner’s school work and any other communications which the class teacher/school wish to send home.

Safe Play Area:

After homework has been done, learners can choose to play outside in Pelham Park or stay inside, where numerous games are available for use.


Please contact Mrs Sandra Chalmers on 072 424 4755 for further information and pricing options.