East London Winter Sports Tour

We're excited to announce that Pelham School has restarted its annual winter sports tour to East London! This highly anticipated tour takes place during the last week of the first term and provides an excellent opportunity for our first teams to grow and develop their skills in preparation for the competition back in KwaZulu Natal. The sports represented are Boys Rugby, Girls Netball, and Girls Hockey, and we're proud to say that this year's competition was tough, but our teams demonstrated impressive skills and met their objectives, which will hold us in great stead for the upcoming season.

Pelham School is committed to providing our students with the best opportunities to develop their sporting abilities, and this tour is just one of the ways we achieve this. We recognize the importance of sports in fostering teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills, which are essential for success both on and off the field.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing more exciting updates about our school's sports program.

New Multi-Purpose Center Construction

We're thrilled to announce that construction has started on our new multi-purpose center! This state-of-the-art facility will serve a variety of activities, including basketball, netball, indoor hockey, indoor soccer, and physical education lessons. And that's not all - the center will also be the perfect venue for our end-of-year prizegiving ceremony, which has long since outgrown our main school hall.

Construction will take place in phases, with the first phase focused on the main shell construction. This stage should be completed by the second term of 2023, laying the foundation for the next phases. Ablutions, a kitchen/tuckshop, storerooms, an office, and a viewing deck will be added to the center in later phases, making it fully functional and versatile for hosting events, storing equipment, and providing refreshments.

We're excited about the possibilities this new multi-purpose center will offer our students and staff. It will provide a space for them to engage in various physical activities and events, rain or shine. Plus, the center will enhance our community's overall experience and create a lasting legacy for years to come.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!


Update 24/4/2023

The footings have been poured and have cured. Brickwork has now started on these footings.

Update - 2 May 2023


The Steelwork has started to arrive on site and the first pillars have been installed.

Update - 8 May 2023


The Structure has progressed quite rapidly. The frame of the structure is almost 2/3 done.


QLTC Launch

The Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC) has officially been launched.
Our launch took place on Saturday 4 June 2022.
" Whilst Pelham acknowledges the significant role already played in the school by our parents as well as other key members of the community, we now encourage broader participation and shareholdership." said Mrs Wissing, our school principal.
We look forward to yet another 60 years of quality partnership in education.
Cool Ideas Logo 2023

Thank you to Cool Ideas for being our fibre internet provider.