Welcome to Pelham and thank you for taking the time to view our website.

At Pelham, we are proud to be a truly South African school which strives to educate the South Africans of the future, to one day contribute to the positive ethos of this country.

We are proud to promote an awareness of our environment and to highlight conservational issues of relevance to us all.

We are proud to place value on and abide by the Pelham 4C’s- namely COURTESY, CONSIDERATION, COMMITMENT and CONTROL. 

We are proud to accommodate an extremely diverse body of learners and to create an environment which facilitates harmonious and respectful co-existence. 

We are proud to share a bond with all members of the Pelham family, past and present, as we seek to uphold the reputation of our school. 

We are proud to cater for a full range of academic strengths and weaknesses, by offering opportunities for each and every one of our learners, to thrive. 

We are proud to provide not only sporting skills and the nurturing of latent talent, but to prioritize the importance of sportsmanship and the adherence to a code of conduct.

We are proud of the past 60 years of our existence and look forward to the next 60 years, with confidence.

We are proud to “look unto the hills” from whence our help comes.

We are proud to wear the turquoise and maroon.....

Above all, we are Pelham Proud!

That’s what we are!