The Grade 6 year is a challenging year in more ways than one. 

Academically, learners face an accelerated pace in the teaching of the curriculum, as well as the pressure of performing at their best, in order to comply with the expectations of high school.

It is also a year of great emotional and physical change.

The young learners entering the Grade, leave at the end of year as young adults, with their own opinions and ideas.

It is our aim, as educators in Grade 6 to provide encouragement when it gets difficult as well as to guide the learners in our care, to making the best decisions they can and for these children to become proud citizens of Pelham, fulfilling leadership roles later in life.  For this we rely on the combined experience of the teachers in the Grade - the experienced and the less experienced. With the focus of our camp in the third term being Leadership, our goal is to produce learners who can think for themselves, set a positive example for others in the classroom as well as on the sport’s field, and lastly, to hold Pelham’s name high!