The Pelham Senior Primary School Choir is made up of between 60-70 talented singers from all Grades.

Choir members practise for approximately three and a half hours a week, singing many challenging pieces intended for choirs at a high school level.

The repertoire of the Pelham Choir comprises of Classical, African and modern secular pieces sung in many different languages. The music is aimed at being both challenging and fun. The choir members sing in four to six part harmony, under the leadership of Mr Mark White.

The Pelham Choir is proud to sing at a number of functions and evenings throughout the choir year. Our Beautiful Noise concert, staged at the City Hall is the highlight of a very busy year which will include the Cordwalles Choir Festival, the annual SASMT Choir Evening held at College to name a few, as well as the Choral Elite performance hosted by the Midlands Youth Choir.