The study of IsiZulu at Pelham serves the needs of the learners by addressing the language at two different levels.... IsiZulu First Additional Language. This enables our multi-cultural body of learners to master the language according to their specific requirements and strives to equip all with the ability to communicate appropriately in the language, whilst at the same time being suitably prepared for subject choices in High School.

For mother tongue learners, the four hours a week of IsiZulu tuition aims to provide ample opportunity to develop an appreciation of the language, to improve reading and comprehension skills and to endorse correct use of both the written and the spoken language.





Small group tuition facilitates close interaction between the IsiZulu Specialist teacher and his/her students and ensures that the home language of the learners concerned is kept alive.

Tuition at Second Additional language level empowers learners to be able to interact confidently with fellow South Africans in IsiZulu. Lessons equip learners with the vocabulary and basic guidelines of language usage, and encourage oral competence by exposing those who seldom hear the language to correctly spoken and pronounced IsiZulu.